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I’ve always been a gamer in some shape or form.  My family has always played games.  My dad’s family was more interested in card games and my mother’s family were known to have the epic monopoly battle that would literally last for days.  My dad taught me how to play chess (not that I was ever any good at it) and my mother suffered through endless games of connect four and anything else i pulled off the shelf, I lost more than I won so you can never accuse her of going easy on me.  I grew up next door to my cousin and the majority of our childhood we were each other’s only playmates.  We had a strange collection of board games.  The usual suspects of monopoly, scrabble, and trouble.  We even had the fad ones like Dream Phone and Mall Madness, we were Nickelodeon kids and I remember seeing those commercials incessantly.  Then we got a Super Nintendo and those were completely forgotten and the age of video games arose for us.

Probably over the last three years or so, we’ve started to get into board games.  Or back in to, however you want to look at it.  We have a small but growing selection of games.  Like most people in Toronto we go to 401 Games.  The selection is huge and they often have the better price.  For browsing it can be a bit of a bitch.  There’s just so many damn games, too many options and not enough money.  Or shelf space.  Or people to play with.

Which is the primary headache at the moment.  We’re not incredibly social.  The people at his work don’t game and me being out of work hasn’t led to many opportunities to socialize and meet people.  Though the box says 2 player minimum it is often not the recommended amount of players for a good game.  We do have a few games that are ideal for two players, like Doomtown.  I swear to god we will eventually play that damn game, I finally got around to reading the damn thing and how to set it up.  Nothing will be as frustrating as trying to set up Suburbia.  We checked it out at For The Win, spent what felt like 30 minutes setting it up, didn’t even finish that and had no desire to continue to actually play the game.  Stick with the digital version.

I’ve always been aware of RPGs like D&D but I was never friends with enough people who actually played it.  I have contemplated getting into it, but goddamn those books are expensive.  But then I thought there’s other games out there and maybe take a chance on a less expensive one just to get my feet wet.  Then I recently discovered Ehdrigohr.

Ehdrigohr is an interesting take on tabletop games that often base game classes and races on real world peoples and places.  Often some type of primitive group very clearly looks like some Natives.  It doesn’t make you feel good.  The world in this game takes its world building from the many indigenous nations from across the world.  It’s not a bunch of people running around in buckskin.  But if that’s what you want to do, play on I guess.  Besides that interesting beginning, it is goddamn affordable.  I do want to try it but the catch being more people play D&D because its been around for so damn long.  Tough decisions must be made.  But I should probably find a group to jump in on first…..


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